A Different Kind of Creativity

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The past few weeks have been full of a different kind of creativity for me, and that’s all right. I’ve learned to embrace this time of year rather than fighting it, and stressing out over all the things I’m not getting done. I’ve baked seven different kinds of cookies and bars, I’m buying presents, wrapping them, going to parties, having dinner with friends… tonight is the first night in over two weeks that I haven’t had to be somewhere or do something to prepare for an event the next day. I still have some baking to do, some presents to buy and wrap, some people to get together with, but I’m able to take a breath now.

I enjoy this total focus on something else for a while… which perhaps goes against my earlier post about get something, anything, done, so you don’t lose the thread. Maybe it’s okay to lose the thread once in a while. Maybe it’s okay to let the brain be occupied by other things, to switch focus, and to come back refreshed, instead of feeling like you’ve been pushing a boulder uphill for too long. I want to write more at a later date about the need for creative habit and routine – showing up predictably so the Muse knows it’s time to work – and also the tension between that and the need for creative stimulation, to not get into a rut until everything feels stale and hollow. But for now, I encourage you, if you are feeling like even a little bit is too much, to just embrace this time of year, knowing that you’ll come back to the creative work when it’s time, and trust that nothing will be lost, and maybe much will be gained.

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