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I’ve been posting and Tweeting the idea of No Zero Days for a little while now, and in the spirit of that, and to kick up the activity at Set Your Muse on Fire a bit, I’m going to propose an increased weekly schedule that will help jump-start your inspiration (and mine). I’ll be posting roughly three times per week, on the following schedule:

Monday – Writing Prompt of the Week: Something to get the creative juices flowing.

Wednesday – Article of the week, on craft or creativity.

Friday – Book, article or other “share” of the week. Feel free to chime in with your favorites.

Some weeks I’ll mix it up, do something different… I happen to believe that the best creative work comes from a mixture of structure and serendipity. Having a writing habit (and a deadline) can work wonders when it comes time to call on the Muse to do her stuff. They allow us to be present for any creative flashes that may occur. It’s rare to have the lightning bolt of inspiration strike – when it does, you want to have a “bottle” to keep it in. If you’re out and about, your “bottle” might be a notebook, or your Evernote app, or a voice memo. When you’re in the middle of a project, the piece itself is your bottle, the container that holds the surprising spark that gives your novel/story/poem/whatever its mojo. Get in the habit of preparing the bottle so you have a place to put the lightning. Otherwise it will be gone, and you’ll have nothing to show for it but a hazy afterimage. The good news is, the more you pay attention, and create a place for it, the more often the lightning strikes. Which in writing, unlike life, is a good thing.

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