That Back to School Feeling

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Right about now, it’s almost impossible to ignore the back-to-school crush. These days, for me it’s more about preparing to receive students than send them off, but I still get a slightly giddy feeling seeing all the school supplies laid out – notebooks, binders, pens, pencils, folders… it brings back all the memories of the first week of school, when we were all excited to be back and everything felt new and fun.

As adults, we don’t often get that feeling. But this week, I invite you to return to that “back-to-school” space, where a fresh start is possible as the summer ends and the air turns cooler. Buy yourself some new supplies. A new notebook for jotting down story ideas, poems, snatches of dialogue. A new set of colorful pens to help express your ideas, in pictures or words. Stickers to paste all over everything – maybe on a new calendar to mark the days when you’ve written.

I’ve learned the hard way I need a writing notebook for each project, rather than random notebooks lying all over the place that I pick up whenever I need one. I know a lot of people use Evernote or some other digital source for notes, but I find that I also need a physical place to put down thoughts, to let my mind wander. Plus, there is evidence that the physical act of writing (as opposed to typing) increases your creativity.

Of course, looking at my study, you might say that the piles of paper, notebooks, binders, etc. create nothing but mess, and you wouldn’t be wrong. But take yourself back to those first days of September of your childhood, and the excitement of a new notebook, to be filled with all the wonderful stuff you didn’t know yet. Let it inspire you to create something new now.

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