Stop the Waiting Game

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Too often, we play the waiting game. We wait for the perfect time to write. The perfect amount of time. The perfect place. The perfect circumstances. They rarely happen.

“But,” we say, “what’s the point of writing at all, when it won’t be my best because I: get distracted/don’t have time to go deep/am tired/don’t know what to write/etc.”

Don’t wait. Find fifteen minutes, somewhere. It may not seem like enough, but it is, in fact, better than nothing. Fifteen minutes per day adds up to almost 2 hours per week. (Why not throw in a half hour, just to round it out to 2?) I often say, it’s better to commit to a tiny amount than just wait and hope you’ll feel inspired to do a bigger chunk at some point. Trust me, you’ll feel so much better if you do. Stay connected, and reap the benefits to your writing, and your creative self.

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