Try This: Your Most Amazing Year

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Today, I want you to try an exercise that helps you get focused on your creative dreams. This is a fun thing to do, that requires imagination and a sense of play.

Download and print out a blank calendar for 2018. Or, go buy one that includes some inspiring imagery or quotes (they’re half off now). Yep, even include January - there’s still time! And yes, print it out - you’re going to want to hang this where you can see it. Make sure it has blank squares to write in!

Gather some colored pens.

Start to plan your year in terms of your creative dreams. First, imagine some things that you want to happen this year. They can include anything from the everyday (writing practice!) to things that are doable if you put some time and energy to them (Artist Dates) to stretch ideas - workshops or conferences you’ll attend, classes you could take, writing retreats, etc.

Then, think of the “big dreams.” What would you want to happen, if you could wish for anything? Sign with Agent. Book launch party. Celebratory trip to Europe. It’s ok if this feels silly, or brings up a lot of fears or anxiety - really! That’s a signal you’re doing it right. It’s okay if it doesn’t seem reasonable or feasible right now. Some of these things may happen, some may not - hey, even the things we’re pretty sure will happen as of this moment, might not. Illness, weather, or even something better might pre-empt it! Because that’s the truth: we can’t see the future right now. You may be surprised!

Now, write all this in your calendar, just as if you knew it was going to happen. Month by month, week by week, put in all the good things you are focused on manifesting in your life. Draw a little picture, if you want.

This is a powerful exercise because we’re visualizing what we intend to happen, and then we’re writing it down, and creating a physical, visual reminder in the form of a calendar. Hang it on the wall, preferably somewhere close to where you write or do other creative work. Check in every so often and plan to add to the calendar, and celebrate your successes!

Note: Don’t try to combine this with your regular, day-to-day calendar. It will just be confusing and maybe disheartening as you try to figure out how it’s all going to fit in. Don’t worry about that. This is your Creative Dream calendar, to help you focus your intentions and achieve your dreams!    

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